Supply (1)

Last weekend my daughter helped me do our monthly grocery shopping. This is a big job because I must get all the supplies that my husband and I will need for a whole month.
By the end of each month, my cupboards start to have empty places. That’s when I begin to think about what I will buy for the next month. I want to choose foods that will keep us healthy and strong. It is important for us to give our bodies the right kinds of foods.
I need to be spiritually healthy, too. In our Bible Reading today, Paul told Timothy how he could stay spiritually healthy. One thing Paul said was for Timothy to be “a worker who uses the true teaching in the right way” (verse 15b). If we want to do this, we need to read and study the Bible. Then God will help us understand everything we need to follow and obey Him.
Make sure that you are getting good spiritual food from God’s Word today!