Supply (3)

When my husband and I were first married, we lived in New Jersey. My husband was in the Navy, and we had very little money. Sometimes we did not have much food in our house. Also, we did not have money to spend on clothing. So we took good care of the clothes we had, and I even made some of our clothes.
During those years, we did not have fancy food or expensive clothes. But we were never without food and clothing. God always took care of us. I remember that one time God blessed us through my grandmother. She bought me a much-needed winter coat.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked about how the Christians in Philippi had sent him gifts. Through these people, God supplied Paul with everything he needed. In fact, Paul said in verse 18 that he had even more than he needed.
God will take care of you today. Be like Paul and trust Him to supply your needs.