On my 50th birthday, my family surprised me with a great birthday party. That was a good surprise! There are bad surprises, too. My friends went to the grocery store. While they were gone, someone broke into their house and stole their TV and computers. That was a bad surprise!

When Jesus returns, some people will receive a bad surprise. These people will not be prepared for Jesus’ return. They will receive punishment instead of a reward. God does not want anyone to have this bad surprise. He wants all people to obey Him. Our Bible Reading for today reminds us that God will punish people who do not love and serve Him. These verses also tell us that God will help us to live for Him. “The goodness you have makes you want to do good. And the faith you have makes you work” (verse 11b).

Do you want a bad surprise when Jesus comes again? If not, be sure that you are following and obeying God. Be ready when Jesus comes again!