I love good surprises – like a birthday party or a special visit from a friend. But some surprises are not good – like someone robbing your house or a flat tire.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked about Jesus coming again. When Jesus comes, all people will be judged. Matthew 25:32 says, “All the people of the world will be gathered before the Son of Man [Jesus]. Then the Son of Man will separate all people into two groups. This is like a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.” We do not know when Jesus will come. Only God knows the time of judgment.
God wants us to be ready for Jesus’ return. The Bible tells us ways that we can prepare for that day. If we are ready, it will be a good surprise when Jesus comes. But if we are not ready, it will be a bad surprise.
If you are a Christian and you are following Jesus every day, you are ready for Jesus to come again. But if you are not a Christian, you need to study the Bible and learn how to accept God’s gift of salvation.