Sweet Smell

When I was in high school, my aunt used to give me some of her clothes to wear. She was an important lady and wore nice clothes. Whenever I wore her clothes, I felt like I was important, too.
But the thing I remember the most about her clothes is that they smelled like her expensive perfume. That was such a sweet smell! When I wore her clothes, I smelled just like my aunt.
Verses 14b-15b of our Bible Reading for today say, “God uses us to spread his knowledge everywhere like a sweet-smelling perfume. Our offering to God is this: We are the sweet smell of Christ among people who are being saved and among people who are being lost.”
When we share the Good News about Jesus with people, we are a good smell to God. And, we are “the sweet smell of life that brings life” (verse 16b) to the people that we tell about Jesus.
Sharing about Jesus is a victory for God’s kingdom. I hope you will be the sweet smell of Jesus to someone today.