Sweet Smell

1478934000On Wednesday nights I attend a Bible study at church. Before I enter the classroom where we meet, I already know if my friend Maria is there. How can I know that? As I am walking down the hallway or up the stairs to the room, I can smell Maria’s perfume!
Today’s Bible verses talk about a sweet-smelling perfume. “God uses us to spread his knowledge everywhere like a sweet-smelling perfume” (verse 14b). When we share the Good News about Jesus with others, it is like spraying some good-smelling perfume in a room.
But we can’t buy this perfume in a store or order it online. This sweet smell comes from having a relationship with Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit. As we grow in Jesus, people will be able to see that He lives in us. Then they will want to know about Jesus and follow Him, too.
Share the Good News about Jesus and live for Him today!