Sweet Smell

I love the different smells of each season of the year. In the spring, I like to smell the sweet perfume of lilac bushes. The smell of freshly cut grass reminds me that summer has arrived. In autumn, I love to smell the smoke from piles of burning leaves. During wintertime I love the smell of evergreen and pine trees.
In our Bible Reading today, Christians are called “the sweet smell of Christ” and “the smell of life.” We represent Jesus every day. The Good News about Jesus that we share with other people is like something that smells good. If those people follow Jesus, then the Christian message is a good smell. But if those people reject Jesus, then our news is like a bad smell to them. Why? Because they refuse to obey God. Those people will receive punishment instead of eternal life in heaven.
Think about these things as you meet people today. Will you share with them the sweet smell of the Good News about Jesus? Ask God to give you courage to tell His message.