Sycamore Tree

The past few days we have talked about trees. In our Bible Reading today, we find another kind of tree – a sycamore tree. There was a sycamore tree along a road in the town of Jericho.
One day Jesus came into the town of Jericho. Many people crowded around because they wanted to see Jesus. In that crowd there was a short man named Zacchaeus. He wanted to look at Jesus. But Zacchaeus could not see Jesus come down the road. Why? Because everyone was too tall! Zacchaeus could not see over the people. He must have been frustrated! Zacchaeus knew what to do. He climbed into the sycamore tree so that he could clearly see Jesus.
Today we cannot climb a sycamore tree and see Jesus walk by. But we can still learn about Jesus. We can do this by studying the Bible. We can also ask God to help us be like Jesus. Jesus was kind and loving to everyone He met. We should follow His example and show love and kindness to people.