At church my pastor talked about our words/signs. He said that we can encourage people with our words and signs. The pastor said that we can discourage people with our words and signs, too.
My pastor said that we should always think before we speak or sign. He used the letters of the word THINK to show us what we should do.
First, we should ask ourselves, ?Are my words/signs True?? Then, ?Are they Helpful and Inspiring (encouraging)?? And finally, ?Are my words/signs Necessary and Kind?? The first letters of these words spell THINK. This should remind us to be careful what we say/sign to other people.
Verse 14 of our Bible Reading says, ?I hope my words and thoughts please you. Lord, you are my Rock ? You are the One who saves me.? In this verse David prayed that God would be happy with his words and thoughts.
We should be like David. We should always say/sign things that God likes.