In Matthew, chapter 25, Jesus taught about a man who left home. He gave his servants money to take care of. The amount of money he gave each servant was not important. What was most important was how each servant used the money.

Two of the servants used their money to make more money. The man was pleased with them and gave them more things to take care of. But one servant hid the money given to him. The man was not pleased with this servant and sent him away to be punished.

God gives each one of us different talents to use in His kingdom. Some of these talents may be encouraging, organizing events, teaching, preparing meals or baby sitting. God expects us to use these talents for His glory. He does not want us to hide our talents and not use them.

What talents has God given to you? Use them today to help spread the message about Jesus Christ to the world. God will bless you and multiply these talents for His kingdom.