A person once said, ?There are two things that will certainly happen to every person ? death and taxes.? Most people do not like to pay taxes. But almost every person in the world has to pay some kind of taxes.
In our Bible Reading today, some Jewish leaders tried to trick Jesus. Verse 13b says, ?They wanted to catch Jesus saying something wrong.? So these men asked Jesus a question about paying taxes to Caesar (the Roman ruler). In verse 17b, Jesus answered the men. ?Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar?s. And give to God the things that are God?s.?
In this verse Jesus said that we should pay our taxes. But even more important, we need to give to God. We can do this by giving to our church or to missionaries who teach about Jesus. We can also give to people who need food and clothes.
Look for ways to give to God today. Then give to Him generously.