Tears of Sadness*

Paul loved the Christians in the city of Ephesus. He spent three years working with them. In today’s Bible Reading, Paul told the Christians in Ephesus that he would never see them again on earth. God had called Paul to return to Jerusalem. The people understood that Paul had to leave them. But they were sad to say goodbye to Paul. Paul and the Christians cried and hugged each other.
I remember the day when Duane King told our church in Norfolk, Nebraska, that he was leaving. God had called Duane to preach full-time to deaf people. He felt God was leading him to a place where there were more deaf people. Duane loved the church in Norfolk. The people in the church loved Duane. But God had called Duane, and it was time for him and his family to leave.
Duane and his wife, Peggy, spoke with the people as they left. There were tears of sadness that Duane and Peggy were leaving. There were also tears of joy that God had called His servants to a new place of service.