Many people think that if a person cries, that person shows he is weak. But I think tears can show that a person is strong.
Several times in the book of Genesis, we read that Joseph cried. I can also imagine that Joseph cried when his brothers threw him in the pit (Genesis 37:18-24) and when the wine server forgot about him in prison (Genesis 40:20-23).
Joseph became an important official in Egypt. Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy grain. Joseph knew his brothers, but they did not recognize Joseph. In our Bible Reading today, we learn that Joseph told the men that he was their brother. Joseph was so happy that he “cried in front of all the people who were there” (verse 1b). Verse 15a tells us that Joseph “kissed all of his brothers and cried on them.”
Was Joseph a weak man? I do not think he was weak. I think he was a very powerful man who tried to serve and obey God. But Joseph was also willing to show love and forgiveness to his brothers. We should try to be like Joseph.