When I was a teenager, World War II was happening. It was a hard time to grow up, but I still enjoyed church activities such as hayrides, sledding and summer Bible camp. Even though the war was going on, these were some of the happiest years of my life.
It is hard for Christian teens to live for Jesus today. But if we are willing to encourage and help them, they can learn and grow into mature Christians.
In our Bible Reading, Paul wrote to Timothy. In verse 2 of chapter 1, Paul said about Timothy, “You are like a dear son to me.” Paul loved Timothy and encouraged him to stand strong for God. In verse 13a, Paul gave Timothy this advice: “Follow the true teachings you heard from me. Follow those teachings with the faith and love we have in Christ Jesus.”
Do you know a teenager who needs to know how to grow in Christ? Ask God to help you guide them through His Word.