Tell Everyone!

Telling people about Jesus can be scary. Why? Because we are afraid that people will tease us. Sometimes we think we will lose our friends if we tell them about Jesus. Or we think that our friends won’t like Jesus.
It is important to tell people, “Jesus loves you. Jesus wants to save you!” The Bible tells us not to be afraid of things that people might do to us. We need to trust God to help us when people tease us, hurt us, leave us or hate us because we serve Jesus. Our friends and neighbors need to know about Jesus. It is our job to tell them about God’s plan of salvation.
We may have opportunities to tell people about Jesus today. Jesus will judge these opportunities. If we tell people about Jesus, He will reward us in heaven.
Don’t let other people keep you from telling the Good News about Jesus. It is very important for you to tell your friends and neighbors about God’s Son. It doesn’t matter if people think you are silly or strange. Be brave. Tell everyone about Jesus!