Tell God How You Feel

Many people do not feel comfortable when they pray to God. They think that their prayers are not holy enough or that their words/signs are not fancy enough. Some people even think, “God knows what I need. Why do I need to ask Him for things?”
The writer of our psalm today knew how to pray to God. So we can learn some things about prayer from these verses. First, the writer was honest with God. He told God exactly what was happening in his life. Second, the writer told God how he felt. In verse 8b he said, “Hurry, show us your mercy! We need you so much!” Third, the writer was humble when he asked God to forgive his sins (verse 9). And last, the writer praised God for what He had done (verse 13).
Take time today to tell God how you feel. Praise Him and confess your sins. And remember to be honest with Him. Communicate with God just like you would if you were sitting down to talk with a friend. God will pay attention to your prayers.