Tell Jesus

When I was a child, I sang a song. Some of the words were: ?I must tell Jesus. Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.?
When I think about these words, I imagine a little boy who is hurt. The boy runs to his mother and father and tells them about his troubles. Immediately the boy feels better.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about the death of John the Baptizer. John told the people that Jesus would come. But some people hated John. These verses tell us that King Herod arrested John and killed him.
When Jesus? followers heard about John?s death, they must have been very sad. The followers took John?s body and buried it. Then the followers went to tell Jesus. Jesus probably comforted and encouraged His followers.
A little child who is hurt goes to his parent. The followers went to Jesus. In the same way, we can go to Jesus when we are disappointed or sad.
Are you sad or lonely or hurt today? Tell Jesus about your problems. He will give you comfort.