Telling Lies

When I was in first grade, our school had a special project. Someone made a large doll house for us. Our job was to paint and furnish the doll house.
One day another girl and I were painting the doll house. I accidentally spilled some paint. I tried to clean it up, but my teacher noticed the mess. She asked who had spilled the paint. I pointed to the other girl and said, “I think she did it!”
My teacher soon discovered that I had spilled the paint. She removed me from the classroom and disciplined me. She did not punish me for spilling the pain – that was an accident. She punished me for lying.
Verse 17 of our Bible Reading today tells us that lying is one thing that God hates. I could not fool my teacher, and we cannot fool God. He knows us, and He knows when we do not tell the truth.
Make Sure that you are doing things today that please and honor God.