1479193200When I hang clothes on my clothesline, my dog and cat go outside with me. My cat likes to jump into the basket where I have folded the clean clothes. Then she loves to roll around on the clothes.
My cat knows that she is not supposed to get into the basket. As long as my dog is near, the cat will avoid the basket. But as soon as the dog is out of sight, the cat will sneak closer and closer. Then she rubs against the basket and starts touching the clothes with her paw. Finally, she will very carefully crawl into the basket.
Many times we are like my cat. There are things in life that tempt us to sin. We know we should avoid them, but we get as close as we can and then we give in to the temptation. Our Bible Reading today tells us some good news: God will give us a way to escape the temptations we face.
When you are tempted to sin, remember that you can resist the temptation. Depend on God and His Word to help you!