Ten Girls

Our Bible Reading today is a story Jesus told to His followers. Jesus told this story to help His followers be ready when He comes again.
Ten girls were waiting for the bridegroom. All ten girls had lamps. Five of the girls had extra oil for their lamps. The other five girls did not have extra oil. The girls waited and waited for the bridegroom.

At midnight someone announced that the bridegroom was coming. The five girls with extra oil went to the wedding feast. The other five girls went to buy more oil. When the girls finally came to the wedding feast, the door was closed and locked.
In this story, the bridegroom is Jesus. The five girls with extra oil represent Christians who are ready for Jesus to come again. The five girls without oil represent people who have not given their lives to Jesus.
Verse 13 of our Bible Reading says, “So always be ready. You don’t know the day or the time when the Son of Man will come.” We do not know when Jesus will come to take us to heaven. We should always be ready.