Thank You, Lord

Two years ago my son started his first year of high school. He decided that he wanted to play football for the first time.
I went to the first football practice with my son. I watched as the coach had all the players run and run. I was concerned because my son was the slowest runner. Then the players had to do special exercises and drills. My son became very frustrated. He stumbled and fell several times. Later that night, my son asked, ?Why did I ever decide to play football??
During the football season I encouraged my son to not become discouraged. One day my son came home from football practice and said, ?Thanks, Mom, for helping me.?
My son taught me an important lesson about giving thanks. Many times I have problems and I ask God to help me. God gives me encouragement and strength. But often I forget to thank Him for His help.
God has done so much for you. Be sure to say ?Thank You, Lord? today!