Thankfulness (4)

I know that I should be thankful in every situation of my life. But lately I have had a lot of pain, and it has been hard to sleep.
I have been thinking about Corrie Ten Boom, who was in a Nazi concentration camp. She didn’t have a warm bed like I have. Corrie was forced to work hard even when she was sick. Often she didn’t have enough to eat. And she was not able to read and study her Bible like I can. Even with all these bad things happening to her, Corrie was thankful.
Paul’s words in our Bible Reading today remind me that I should always give thanks to God. I may not be thankful for my pain, but I can be thankful even when I am in pain. When I am thankful, God’s peace fills me and helps me rejoice.
No matter what bad circumstances you are facing today, you can still be thankful that God helps you through those bad times. Tell Him today how thankful you are!