When I was 43 years old, I married for the first time. We wanted to have children, but my wife was 40 years old. We waited for several years, hoping that we would have children. Finally, when I was 48 we got the news that my wife was pregnant with twins! On July 21, 2006, God blessed us with our daughters, Sarah and Danielle.
As my wife and I have raised our daughters, there have been many times when I was frustrated and tempted to lose my temper. But I have learned that the best way to overcome frustration is to be grateful. When I am struggling with my daughters, I remember all the years I waited to become a father. Then I feel thankful. I calm down and feel more patient.
Perhaps you will feel frustrated today at work, with your family or in line at the grocery store. Stop and think about your blessings. Our Bible Reading today has a list of things that you can be thankful for. Then ask God to help you be more patient and loving.