Thanks (1)

The Bible is filled with stories about people who gave thanks to God. Next week people in America will celebrate a day of giving thanks. Today and for the next few days, we will look at Bible people who thanked God.
Before King David died, he made his son, Solomon, king of Israel. David gathered the people of Israel together. He told them that Solomon would be the next king. David also told the people that God had chosen Solomon to build a temple in Jerusalem. David gave gold, silver and other valuable things to help build the temple. Then the Israelites gave gold, silver and precious stones.
After the people gave their gifts, David prayed to God. David praised God and talked about the temple. In verse 13 David said, “Now, our God, we thank you. And we praise your glorious name!” David thanked God for His love and kindness to Israel.
Every day God gives you blessings — family, friends, good health, possessions. And most important, God has given you salvation through Jesus. Take time today to thank God for your blessings!