Thanks (2)

During Old Testament times, it was very important for a city to have a strong wall around it. Then when enemies came, the city would be safe. The wall around the city of Jerusalem had been destroyed. This made God’s people, the Israelites, very sad. So Nehemiah came to Jerusalem to help rebuild the wall.
Nehemiah 6:15 tells us that the wall was rebuilt in 52 days! Then Nehemiah had a special celebration to dedicate the wall to God. Many people came to this dedication. The people sang and played musical instruments. Verse 27b says, “The Levites came to sing songs of praise and thanks to God.” The Israelites wanted to give special thanks to God for helping them rebuild the wall.
God helped the people rebuild the Jerusalem wall in a very short time. God does special things for us, too. Maybe He heals our sickness or helps us solve a problem. But often we forget to thank Him for the way He has blessed us.
Think about something special God has done for you recently. Then thank Him for His goodness!