Thanks (3)

Daniel was a man who loved God. But Daniel was taken away from Israel to the country of Babylon. Daniel and his three friends continued to serve God, even though the people in Babylon worshiped false gods.
One day the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, had a dream. The wise men of the country could not interpret the king’s dream. But Daniel “asked the king to give him some more time. Then he would tell the king about the dream and what it meant” (Daniel 2:16b).
Daniel went to his three friends. He asked them to pray that God would help him understand the dream. During the night God explained the dream to Daniel. Then Daniel praised and thanked God. In verse 23b Daniel said, “I thank you and praise you! You gave me wisdom and power. You told us the things we asked for! You told us about the king’s dream.”
Sometimes we face difficult situations like Daniel did. We need to talk to God and ask Him to help us. What are you facing today? You don’t have to face your problems alone — God will be with you.