Thanks (4)

God told Jonah to go to the city of Ninevah and preach to the people. But Jonah did not want to obey God. Instead of going to Ninevah, Jonah got on a ship that was sailing in the opposite direction!
While Jonah was on the ship, a great storm happened. Jonah told the men on the ship, “I know I did wrong — that is why the storm came on the sea. So throw me into the sea, and the sea will become calm” (Jonah 1:12b). The men threw Jonah overboard, and the storm stopped.
Then God sent a large fish to swallow Jonah. While Jonah was in the fish, he prayed to God. Jonah told God that he was sorry for running away. In verse 9b of our Bible Reading Jonah said, ,em>“Lord…I will praise and thank you. I will make special promises to you, and I will do the things I promise.” God rescued Jonah from the fish. Then Jonah obeyed God and preached to the people in Ninevah.
Jonah disobeyed God, but then he repented and asked God to forgive him. Have you disobeyed God today? Talk to God. Ask Him to forgive you, and thank Him for His kindness.