Thanks (6)

At the time Jesus lived on earth, leprosy was a terrible skin disease. There was no cure for leprosy. People with leprosy had to live away from other people so that the disease would not spread.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem. Ten men met Jesus. But they did not come close to Jesus. Why? Because these ten men had leprosy. The men said to Jesus (verse 13b), “Jesus! Master! Please help us!” Then Jesus said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests” (verse 14b).
As the men were going to the priests, they were healed! But one man saw that he was healed, and he went back to Jesus. Jesus wondered where the other nine men were. He must have been disappointed that only one man came and thanked him. In verse 19 Jesus said to the man, “Stand up! You can go. You were healed because you believed.”
Maybe you are thankful that you can read God’s Word, the Bible. Or maybe you are thankful for Jesus. Stop right now and thank and praise God!