Thanks (7)

While Jesus was on earth, He did many miracles. These miracles showed Jesus’ power and helped the people understand that He was truly God’s Son. Our Bible Reading today tells about one of my favorite miracles. Jesus was teaching a large group of people. The people were hungry, and Jesus wanted to give them something to eat. One of Jesus’ followers, Andrew, found a little boy who had “five loaves of barley bread and two little fish” (verse 9b).
Jesus told the people to sit down. Then He took the bread and “thanked God for the bread” (verse 11b). Jesus did the same thing with the fish. Then “Jesus gave the people as much as they wanted” (verse 11b).
Verse 10 tells us that there were more than 5000 men there. But all “the people had enough to eat” (verse 12a). Wow! This was truly a miracle!
Notice that Jesus thanked God for the food. That is a good example for us, too. Do you thank God for your food? Thank God for your food He gives you each day.