Thanks (9)

One of the best examples of thankfulness in the Bible is Paul. Paul was a Jew who did bad things to Christians. Then Paul became a follower of Jesus. Paul spent the rest of his life teaching other people about Jesus.
Paul was thankful that God had helped him learn about Jesus. Paul was also thankful for other Christians who encouraged and supported his ministry. In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked to the Christians in the city of Philippi. In verse 3 Paul said, “I thank God every time I remember you.” And verse 5a says, “I thank God for the help you gave me while I told people the Good News.”
The Philippians helped and encouraged Paul. Paul said that while he was in prison, they had shared God’s kindness with him. So Paul thanked God for the ways these Christians had blessed him.
Maybe there are Christians that you know who help and encourage you. Tell these people that you appreciate them. Then thank God for these brothers and sisters in Christ.