Thanksgiving (2)

On Thanksgiving Day, many people in America will gather with their families to eat a special dinner. Maybe we will prepare foods that are family favorites. I never get tired of eating my favorite foods!
As Christians, we should never get tired of having our hearts and minds filled with God’s Word. We should always want to know more about God, His ways, His knowledge and His wisdom. And, we should always want to have a closer relationship with God.
Verse 9 of our Bible Reading today tells us, “God satisfies the thirsty soul. God fills the hungry soul with good things.” If we want to know more about God, He will teach us. God will help us to continue growing and being more like Jesus.
How does God satisfy us? He feeds us through His Word, the Bible, through other Christians, through our times of prayer, and through our life experiences.
Ask God to satisfy you today. Enjoy the spiritual food that He wants to give you.