Thanksgiving (5)

Two days ago, we talked about thanking God by loving Him. Yesterday we talked about thanking God by loving other people. Today we will talk about thanking God by serving other people.
What does it mean to serve? Serving means to work for someone, to help them or to meet their needs. Verse 2a of our Bible Reading today talks about serving God. “Be happy as you serve the Lord!” We serve God by serving other people. But how do we serve people?
Every person needs something. One person may need his lawn mowed. You could mow their lawn. Another person may need a baby sitter for her children. You could offer to take care of the children. Other people may need you to pray for them.
Take time to look at the people around you. Ask them what they need. Then find a way to help those people and meet their needs.
Remember that every time you serve another person, you are serving God. Thank God by serving others today!