Probably I will eat a good Thanksgiving dinner this year. But I remember one year that I didn’t have much food.
I wanted to make a dinner, but there was not much in my cupboard. Finally I found a few things in the freezer – some hotdogs, a couple hotdog buns and some whipped topping. In the refrigerator I found some vegetables and fruit.
So, I made a fruit salad, heated the hotdogs and cooked some vegetables. I was hungry so I was happy to eat the food. And, I was thankful that God had provided a meal for me and my family.
Our Bible Reading today is a psalm (song) of thanks. We can thank God for so many things – His love, our homes, our families, the food we have to eat.
If you will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope you will take time to thank God for providing food for you each day. If you live in a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving, you can still thank God for taking care of you.