The Best Book

I love to read many different kinds of books. Books are like good friends. Many people today do not take time to read books. Before television and computers were invented, people had more time to read and study books.
The very best book of all is God?s Book, the Bible. In the Bible we can read about people who loved God. And we can also learn about God?s commands and promises.
Verse 2 of our Bible Reading today says, ?A good person loves the Lord?s teachings. He thinks about them day and night.? The Lord?s teachings are the Bible. If we want to please God, we need to read and study the Bible. Then we need to think about what we read.
If we read and study the Bible, we will be like a strong tree. Verse 3 says, ?So that person becomes strong like a tree planted by streams of water…Everything he does is successful.?
Be sure to make time today to read God?s wonderful book. Learn what God wants you to do. Then share that Good News with other people.