The Best Gift

At this time of year, many people think about giving gifts to their family members and friends. Sometimes giving gifts can be a hard job. We need to know people’s clothing sizes or what kind of things they like. Often I don’t know what to give a person because they seem to have everything already.
But gift-giving is really easy. I have learned that God has put many gifts inside of me. I can give these gifts to anybody at any time. And these gifts are free! When I am standing in line at the store, I can give a stranger a smile. I can give the gift of encouraging words to someone who is sad. I can give a hug to someone whose loved one is sick or dying.
In our Bible verses, Paul told the Christians in Corinth that “God will make you rich in every way so that you can always give freely” (verse 11a). When we share God’s love with someone, we are giving them the best gift ever.
Share God’s love with someone this Christmas season!