The Best Rules

One day I was making pizza. I read the recipe and put all the ingredients on the table. I put the yeast in a bowl. I looked at the pizza sauce. I thought, “What if I add the pizza sauce to the yeast now?” That was a crazy idea! I knew that the yeast and sauce should not be mixed together. If I did that, I would not be following the rules for making pizza.
Many people today break rules. People drive faster than the speed limit. Teenagers skip classes at school. Athletes cheat in the games they plan. Speeding rules, school rules and game rules are good. We should obey these kinds of rules. But the best rules are God’s rules. We can find these rules in the Bible.
In our Bible Reading today, Solomon lists some of God’s rules. He says that people are wise if they follow these rules. Some of these rules include doing things for people who need help, being slow to become angry, being honest and being humble.
Do you want to be wise? Then follow God’s rules ? the very best rules.