The Best Way

Our Bible Reading shows that true love is important. Verse 1 begins, “And now I will show you the best way of all.” God says that Christian love is the best way of all!
When we watch TV or read newspapers we see a different kind of love. Often we think about this kind of selfish love. Then we forget the kind of love that God wants us to have.
People in the world think that real love happens when something feels good. These people want loving other people to be easy. Sometimes they experience love in wrong ways. Then they do not understand about Christian love.
God has true love for us. Christians should have true love for each other. This love comes from God, and it continues forever. This kind of love is patient, kind, always trusting, always hoping, and always continuing strong (verses 4 and 7).
How will you love people today? I hope you will choose to love people the best way of all.