The Bible

The Bible is God’s message to us. It is a special love letter that God wrote just for us. We should want to read the Bible every day. We should want to study the Bible and memorize verses. We should want to understand what the Bible teaches.
When we read the Bible, we know more about God. We understand God’s plan for our lives. Reading the Bible helps us become more like Jesus. Then our faith in God grows stronger. Also, reading the Bible is one way to show God that we love Him.
Where is your Bible right now? Is it sitting on a bookshelf, covered with dust? Is it in a drawer underneath your clothes? I hope that your Bible is where you can read it every day. I hope you respect your Bible and take care of it.
Most of all, I hope that you enjoy reading your Bible. Our Bible Reading says that the Bible is “sharper than the sharpest sword,” “cuts all the way into us like a sword” and “judges the thoughts and feelings in our hearts” (verse 12).