The Bible

I have driven in fog many times. Sometimes I follow the lights of a car in front of me. This is okay for awhile, but usually the car turns off. Then I do not have lights to follow. I have to drive more slowly and be more careful.
It is important to see where you are going in the fog. It is even more important to know where you are headed in life. Verse 105 of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, your words are like a lamp lighting my path.”,/em> The Bible gives us spiritual light and shows us how to live. It is very important for us to read the Bible and study it every day.
We also receive spiritual light when we pay attention to our pastors and Bible teachers as they explain God’s Word. Sometimes they teach us new things or help us understand Bible verses in a different way.
If you do not know where you are going in life, read the Bible. God will help you know what to do and how to please Him.