The Bible Proves It!

What can you say to someone who thinks God is not real? You could tell them that the Bible shows us that God’s Son, Jesus, is real. All of the books in the New Testament, except 3 John, have the words “Jesus Christ” written in them. This means that 26 of the 27 New Testament books mention Jesus. God inspired different men to write these books, but they all talk about the same man — Jesus.
Do you believe that Abraham Lincoln really lived? Have you ever met him? Have you seen him? No. But you know that he was a real person. How? Because many people have written books about Abraham Lincoln. You know that he was real because you have read these books.
What about Jesus? Just like Abraham Lincoln, we can believe Jesus is real because people who knew Jesus when He lived on earth have written about Him and their experiences with Him. Our Bible verses today tell us about Jesus’ disciples. They truly believed that Jesus was real!