The Big Elm Tree

When I was young, we had a big elm tree in the corner of our yard. It was so tall that its branches shaded a large area of our front yard.
Sometimes a man who walked by our house would sit under the tree and enjoy the shade. We did not know this man’s name, but my brother and I called him Freddie. Freddie never talked to us. He just rested under the tree and sometimes ate his lunch there.
I liked that elm tree because I could hide behind it when we played hide-and-seek. I also liked to catch locusts that I found on the tree. I would take these locusts to school with me and show my classmates. I also remember that this tree was very strong. The branches never broke off when the wind blew.
I think that God is like that tree. We enjoyed the shade of the tree. Christians can enjoy the blessings that God gives them. I felt safe when I was hiding behind that tree. In the same way, I can feel safe knowing that God will protect me. And that tree was strong. We can depend on God to be our strength every day.