The Boss

There have been times in my life when I have been given the job of being a “boss.” It feels great to be the boss! But sometimes when I am a boss I demand things and I criticize the workers.
In our Bible Reading we learn that Joseph became a slave to an Egyptian man named Potiphar. God blessed Joseph, and Joseph became successful. Verse 4b tells us that “Joseph was the ruler over everything Potiphar owned.” Joseph became a boss. But unlike me, Joseph was a good boss. He did not become boastful and proud. Joseph showed that he was humble by choosing to obey God.
Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus said in Matthew 28:18b, “All authority (power) in heaven and on earth is given to me.” Jesus is like a boss. But in John 14:28b, He said, “…the Father is greater than I am.” Jesus said that God is greater than He is. Jesus showed that He is humble.
Maybe God has blessed you with a job where you are a boss. Don’t forget that a good boss is humble and obedient to God.