The Broom Tree

One of my favorite people in the Old Testament is Elijah. I enjoy reading about Elijah’s courage and faith. But Elijah was just like you and me — sometimes he was afraid and discouraged.

The book of 1 Kings tells us that after Elijah killed the prophets of the false god, Baal, he became afraid. He was afraid because Queen Jezebel wanted to kill him. So Elijah ran away to the desert and sat down under a bush. Some Bible translations say that Elijah sat down under a “broom tree.” A broom tree has yellow flowers, and it is shaped like a broom.

Elijah was discouraged. Everyone faces times of discouragement. But our Bible verses today give us some help when we become discouraged. Verse 3 tells us to think about Jesus. People treated Him badly, but He was patient and didn’t give up.

Think about Jesus today. Be patient with other people and continue living for Him.