The Church

Some people I know do not go to church. They feel that they can worship God best when they are outside in nature. We can worship God in a forest or near a pond, but we can also worship Him when we are gathered with other Christians.
When Jesus was on earth, He sometimes spoke to large groups of people on a mountainside or near a lake. But often Jesus went to a synagogue — the place where Jewish people met to worship God — to teach and heal people. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus went to a synagogue in Capernaum. There He taught the people and healed a man who had an evil spirit.
Maybe you do not feel close to God today. Or maybe you think that God is not speaking to you. I suggest that you meet with other Christians. It can be a Sunday morning worship service or a Wednesday evening Bible Study or a morning prayer breakfast. There you will find love and fellowship and an opportunity to read God’s message for you.