The Church

I wanted to build a new house. To save money, I hired a carpenter, roofer, painter, electrician, plumber and other people to do the work. Some of the work that these people did was easy to see. For other workers, what they did was hidden inside the house. Eventually I was able to move into a beautiful and well-built home.
In the same way, the church is made up of Christians. Each Christian has a special gift from God to help them build up the church. Our Bible verses today tell us that some of these different gifts are telling the Good News about Jesus, caring for people or teaching.
Some Christians’ work is obvious — the preacher who stands before a congregation or the person who teaches a Bible study. But other Christians do work that is hidden, such as making a meal for a sick person or taking care of babies in the nursery. But all these people are necessary for a growing church.
If we all use our gifts to serve God, His church will stand strong and reach many people for Jesus.