The Church

Jesus died, rose from the dead and then went back to heaven. Soon after that, Jesus’ followers met together. Acts, chapter 2, tells us what happened on that special day.
When Peter and the other followers were together, “they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak different languages. The Holy Spirit was giving them the power to do this” (Acts 2:4). Peter preached to the people and told them about Jesus. “Then those who accepted what Peter said were baptized. On that day about 3000 people were added to the group of believers” (Acts 2:41).
God’s church started with this group of people. Our Bible Reading tells us what these people did. They met together and listened to the apostles teach. And they prayed, shared and ate together.
We need to be like those early Christians. We should study God’s Word, fellowship and share with other Christians every day.