The Church

Maybe you have said, “Why do I need to go to church? I love God. I can worship God in my home. I don’t need to go to a church building every week to prove that I am a Christian.”
There have been many times in my life when I wondered if going to church was important. I had many reasons that I did not want to go. Finally I talked to a mature Christian friend. She told me things that I will never forget.
My friend told me that I should not go to church to prove I am a Christian or to have my picture in the church directory. I should go to church because I want to be faithful to God. God is faithful to me. He takes care of me every day. I can show God that I love Him by meeting with other Christians and learning more about Him.
Christians need to meet together and encourage one another. My friend reminded me that every Christian is an important part of the church. I want to be faithful to God and share His love with other Christians.