The Devil’s Trap

I live in a house on the edge of town. Our house is only a block from farm land. Often possums come and live under our house. They bother us at night by making loud noises.
Finally my husband and I bought a live animal trap. These traps capture the animal but do not hurt it. On the first night, we caught a possum. Then we released it out in the country.
The next night I put some fresh bread in the trap. The neighbor’s cat was watching me as I put the bait in the cage. I chased the cat away several times. But the next morning we found the cat in the trap! The cat wanted that bread so much that he returned and was caught in the trap.
Sometimes we are like that cat. We know there are things we should not do or places where we should not go. But we choose to walk right into the devil’s trap anyway. Our Bible Reading today reminds us that we don’t have to sin. With God’s help, we can overcome the temptation to sin.