The Enemy

The devil is our enemy. He is responsible for all the evil in the world. Verse 8a of our Bible Reading tells us that the “devil has been sinning since the beginning. The person who continues to sin belongs to the devil.”
Then the rest of verse 8 tells us about God’s Son, Jesus. “The Son of God (Christ) came for this: to destroy the devil’s work.” Jesus works through us to destroy what the devil wants to do in our lives. But we must be willing to get rid of our sinful ways and follow God’s commands.
Sometimes it is hard for me to change. I do not want to give up the sin in my life. But if I want Jesus to destroy the devil’s work, I need to cooperate with Him. I know that God is powerful enough to do wonderful miracles. So I know that God has the power to help me overcome the sin in my life.
Depend on God today to help you resist the devil and say “No!” to his temptations.