The Evil One

Verse 13 of Jesus? example prayer says, ?Don?t let us be tempted (tested); but save us from the Evil One (the devil).? Jesus shows us here that we should ask God to keep us safe from the devil.
It is so easy for the devil to tempt us to think bad thoughts, to do bad things or to be proud. We want to do good things, but sometimes we pay attention to the devil instead of God. Then we sin.
In Romans 6:12-13a Paul tells us what we should do. ?But don?t let sin control you in your life here on earth. You must not be ruled by the things your sinful self makes you want to do…you should offer yourselves to God.? The only way that we can avoid sin is to give our lives to God. Then we need to depend on Him to help us resist the devil every day.
Maybe the devil will tempt you to disobey God today. Be strong against the devil. Ask God to help you obey Him and turn away from the devil.